Helpful Links

The following are different helpful links to associations, organizations or information that could be related to a legal matter for yourself or a loved one:

  • – North Carolina Administrative Office of the Courts. Information regarding the North Carolina Court system and access to searches for court dates.
  • Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles.
  • – North Carolina Supreme Court and Court of Appeals document library.
  • Carolina Department of Corrections (now known as the North Carolina Department of Public Safety). Inmate lookups and other related information including visitation and other related policies.
  • – North Carolina Advocates for Justice. Private organization of attorneys across the State of North Carolina committed to advocating for the rights of its citizens and pursuing justice for all.
  • – North Carolina Alcohol Law Enforcement (aka ALE).
  • – North Carolina Structured Sentencing punishment grids. Sentencing charts for felonies and misdemeanors based upon class and prior record level.
  • – United State Supreme Court opinions most recently filed.
  • – Union County Sheriff’s Office.
  • – Anson County Sheriff’s Office.
  • – Stanly County Sheriff’s Office.
  • – Richmond County Sheriff’s Office.
  • – Mecklenburg County Sheriff’s Office.
  • – Find Law is a website that can help locate United States Supreme Court opinions from the past as well as assist with other possible issues.
  • – North Carolina League of Municipalities & Association of Municipal Attorneys.