Our Team

Nicole Helms

Nicole Helms is the Swain Law, PC Office Manager. Nicole has been a part of our team since January 2002. Nicole worked previously with the Union County Clerk of Superior Court for approximately 8 years where we saw first hand her qualities as a person and employee. We knew we wanted her to work on our staff. Nicole graduated with honors from Parkwood High School in Union County. She attended Kings College and completed the Legal Assistant program. She has numerous office duties including answering and returning phone calls, preparing court calendars for District and Superior Criminal Court, preparing court calendars for District and Superior Civil Court, setting up and maintaining our files, tracking client court dates, filing, scheduling, ordering supplies, paying bills, invoicing and overseeing the basic duties of running the office while Mr. Swain is away. Simply put, she is an invaluable resource for our office and we hope she stays with us indefinitely.

Sharon Rushing

Sharon Rushing is a part-time legal assistant for the office. She has been a part of the team since November 2004. Prior to being employed by our office Sharon was a Legal Assistant to Attorney David McSheehan for 5 years, worked in the Union County Clerk of Superior Court for 4 years and worked as a legal assistant at Weaver, Bennett & Bland, P.A. for 7 years. She graduated with honors from Forest Hills High School in Union County. She attended Kings College and completed the Legal Assistant program. Her office duties include setting up and maintaining all of our homicide case files, handling the scheduling for these cases, answering & returning phones calls, scheduling appointments and setting up traffic cases. Sharon also covers the office for Nicole when she is out of the office or on vacation. Having Sharon work at the office is and has always been our good fortune and pleasure.