Felonies and Misdemeanors

Felonies and misdemeanors are serious. Period. Our offices have previously and do currently represent people accused or murder, drug offenses, thefts, assaults and any other number of various felony and misdemeanor crimes. These cases likely will impact your life forever. You can be sentenced to go to prison or jail, be placed on probation, lose valuable rights to vote or possess a firearm, have a blemish on your history that will forever haunt you in the acquisition or advancement in employment, as well as other consequences that should be taken with the greatest degree of seriousness. Our efforts will include assessing the facts of your case, discussing the options available for the handling of the case, considering the best forms of defense available to you and giving you suggestions for action prior to the conclusion of your case that could provide you with direct benefits in the outcome of your case.

For some clients the accusations handed out against them are false in various ways. Many of those clients desire to have a trial before a judge or jury and this is their constitutional right. We will support any decision to exercise the right to a trial in a felony or misdemeanor case. We will use our experience, training and education to address the legal issues in your case and litigate the matter as effectively as possible. Our office has litigated numerous jury and bench trials as both a prosecutor and defense attorney.

Not every case is won. A lawyer who tells you they’ve won every case is being far less than credible. We will put our results in case outcomes, whether by trial or other resolution, up against any other lawyer who practices in the jurisdictions where we do. Our former clients will tell you the same thing.

Knowing when and what motions to file in given matter is important and often necessary. Taking the time to review the case file materials of the government as allowed by law is of critical importance to assessing the case and formulating alternatives for how to go about maneuvering the case for the best possible outcome. Many clients are surprised by the fact that in our felony case representation we provide the client directly with the materials we have obtained or, at a minimum, give them the opportunity to see and review this very important documentation.

Our office serves Anson, Richmond, Stanly, and Union County in North Carolina for the handling of these types of cases. If you want a fair, honest, objective opinion combined with efforts to achieve the best outcome available then we are the office to represent you.

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