Traffic Cases

Traffic cases can be some of the most troubling and impactful issues a person faces in the court system. Speeding tickets, stop sign or stop light violations, driving on a suspended license, accidents and many other forms of traffic citations can impact your ability to drive legally and have significant consequences regarding your insurance. Swain Law, PC handles traffic violations in Anson, Richmond, Stanly, Union and Mecklenburg Counties in North Carolina. Ken’s efforts will address seeking out the best results for purposes of minimizing the impact on your driver’s license and insurance premiums. This will include an assessment of the factual circumstances surrounding the charge or charges filed against you, your prior history for traffic violations, the policies of the jurisdiction in which you obtained the ticket, the best form of outcome to assist you and other related issues that might be specifically related to your individual situation.

We tell every client that even when we or our family members obtain a traffic ticket, if it isn’t in a jurisdiction where we practice law, we’re hiring our own lawyer to help. This is because every jurisdiction in our state varies in how they are willing to address such matters and having a person on your side that knows the local policies and how to go about getting best resolution is the only way to handle it.

The intentions of our office will be to handle your traffic matter in a way we would want our own to be handled- professionally and with an effort to obtain the best results possible.