Practice Philosophy

A Note from Ken

It took a numbers of years for me to succumb to the necessity of an internet presence in the form of a web site. This is my attempt to bring my office and its services into the world of internet information provision so you, the reader, and the community at large will know more about me, my office and the way I intend to practice law on behalf of my clients.

I have worked hard, accomplished positive results and maintain a strong, complementary reputation in my community as an effective advocate for the interests of my clients. I have represented persons from all walks of life to include public officials, law enforcement officers, teenagers and almost any person from every walk of life. During that time I have gained experience in a multitude of practice areas which are listed on the site.

I am a home grown North Carolinian as is my wife, family and the employees of Swain Law, PC. I am a family man and believe in the core values that established our country and make it great to this very day. I also believe that all persons, businesses or entities should receive competent and effective guidance when dealing with legal issues that arise for each. Facing off against the government, law enforcement, insurance companies and other foes within the legal system can be a dangerous, perilous and life-altering matter. It should be accompanied by an advocate who is looking out for your best interests and directing you in the best course of action in your given legal circumstances.

I believe that attorneys should establish, maintain and cultivate their client base by achieving the best results possible in a given situation, communicating with their clients and guiding them with knowledge of the law, the system and the procedures that will be used in their case. Please always keep in mind that an attorney should not only advise you about the positive things that can happen in your case, but should also be providing warnings about the pitfalls of any given legal matter. To do otherwise is simply not providing the advice that a client deserves. I tell my clients that an attorney who promises them anything other than their best efforts based upon their training, education and experience is being far less than truthful with the client and should be avoided almost always. When you hear a guarantee or words of a like nature make a run for the door.

I make strong efforts to stay abreast of any change in our laws and how those changes might impact one or more of my clients. I attend continuing legal education classes every year and also obtain training every year that assists me in being the best advocate that I can be for all of my clients.

I hope that I am communicating some of who I am to you so you will know that I will do all I can to provide you with the best advice and guidance possible if you decide to retain my services. Of that I believe you can have the strongest of faith. I believe my former clients would tell you just that. I care about my clients and their cases no matter how large or small. I speak with them if they have questions of me and do my best to make sure that they feel comfortable with knowing how my office intends to go about advancing their interests.

I truly look forward to helping you or your family member with their traffic ticket, standing up to allegations of wrongdoing, seeking justice for the loss of a loved one in a traffic accident or any other matter for which I can help you. I also appreciate your consideration of myself and my staff as the persons you give that opportunity to.

Ken Swain